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I’m Kerrie and I’m the Founder and Creative Director of Kerrie Kent Creative Design Studio. Here’s a bit more about me that you won’t find on LinkedIn…


I inherited a lot of my creativity from my mum. She was one of those crafty mums, usually found sprinkled in glitter and armed with a Pritt Stick. My sister and I tried every art project imaginable – nothing was off limits. Our house was always full of friends who’d come over to create something. I think that’s why I enjoy discovering creative workshops and pop-up events in my free time. I love the buzz that creative collaboration gives.

I also have my grandparents to thank. They owned a haberdashery shop in a Welsh TOWN called MAESTAG THAT seemed to sell everything, from buttons to handmade hats! I grew up with stories from the shop floor, which influenced my career in visual presentation – working with brands including OFFICE and Boux Avenue.


While it’s in my genes, I also work damn hard! I’m extremely passionate about what I do. I don’t settle or adopt a ‘that’ll do’ attitude. I hate mediocre and believe nothing’s worth doing unless you give it your all. I take a lot of inspiration from the everyday. Some of THE best ideas are sourced from my surroundings – pops of colour here, a word there. I’m creatively curious and like to push boundaries and experiment with different ways of communicating. Once I’m working on a project, it takes over everything I do. I live and breathe it, as I want to see it succeed.

I’m also passionate about connecting creative people in my local area, so recently launched Official Tunbridge Wells. Designed to champion talent in our community, I’ve met LOTS OF inspirational people through it, while doing what I love – branding, designing and launching the website, leading its social media and writing features.

What Makes Me Happy

My family. You’ll usually find us wandering along THE shorelines of DEVON OR CORNWALL with our fox terrier, Reg. There’s something about the fresh sea air that clears my mind and gives me some perspective on things. Some of my favourite ideas have struck during a seaside stroll.

Art exhibitions, flicking through magazines, espresso martinis, hazelnut lattes and sushi are other ways I love to unwind and indulge. Especially when enjoyed with friends.

Kerrie Kent
Kerrie Kent
Kerrie Kent