Kerrie Kent



I’ve recently added some prints to my online shop, I designed this illustration shortly after undergoing my third open heart surgery in 2015. The design sat in a folder on my desktop and I promised to do something with it one day.

So three years have passed and I felt inspired to re-ignite an idea I conjured up while in intensive care. I was born with congenital heart disease, my life has been mapped around hospital visits, procedures, major surgeries and the mental health fall out from living day to day with an incurable diagnosis.

Please don’t feel sorry for me, I am one of the VERY lucky ones. I have been fixed (for now) and live every day to its fullest. I’ve gained a perspective that I work to my advantage and look positively to my future.

My aim is to start a conversation, to make it ok to talk about heart disease and reach out to those living with the disease. It’s OK to ask difficult questions, it’s OK to feel real emotions and it’s OK to passionately support those you love going through a difficult time.

For every ‘Brave Heart’ illustration sold I will donate 10% to The Brompton Fountain and 10% to the British Heart Foundation in the hope that they can save other CHD patients and one day find a cure to mend broken hearts.

Please have a look in my SHOP for prints and cards featuring the illustration. I’m currently working on more illustrations and will be launching new products soon! See Instagram for latest updates.


Kerrie x

Brave Heart Kerrie Kent.jpg
Brave Heart Kerrie Kent.jpg