Kerrie Kent



Social media has made consumers instant content creators. It’s not just brands that can sell products and services and influence others now. The bar has been raised so it’s our job to think creatively when it comes to branded content that stands out and appeals to consumers.

‘Content’ is such a broad term and, when it comes to devising a marketing strategy, can feel overwhelming at times. Brands are expected to offer consumers informative, useful and / or entertaining content to encourage engagement and increase their visibility online. Website copy, Facebook ads, Instagram Stories, Google Ads, LinkedIn profiles, blog posts, Pinterest boards, infographics, videos… all fall under the content umbrella. That’s even without considering offline material such as business cards, flyers, posters, etc.

We work with you to clarify your target audience and work out what content best fits their needs and interests. We scout the best places to market this content to them to give your brand optimum visibility. We ensure every piece of content created is in line with your business offering and brand guidelines.

Creativity is the soul of our studio. Every piece of content we create is original, compelling and beautiful.